Becoming a member

Any university professor can become a member of the DHV*

* (university professor, professor at an academic college, professor at an academy of art and music, supernumerary professor, honorary professor, lecturers with postdoctoral degrees) at a university, an academic college or at an academy of art and music in Germany as well as any German professor at a university, academic college or at an academy of art and music abroad.

Any junior professor or person preparing a postdoctoral thesis can join the DHV.

Membership requires the approval of the executive board of the DHV. The applicant determines when membership should commence.

The DHV finances its work through its members subscription fees. The membership fees are graded according to working position at the university.

Notices of withdrawal take effect at the end of the calendar year, if they have arrived at the office by 1st Dezember of the respective year. Notices of withdrawal that arrive later take effect at the end of the following year.

Annual membership fees 2023:

Pay scale:

  • C4, W3, C3, W2: Euro 228,-
  • all other professors and up-and-coming academics including those abroad: Euro 132,-
  • professor emeritus, pensionary: Euro 123,- 

Membership declaration

Service agreement

You do not currently meet the membership requirements, but you still have a need for service and advice in connection with universities and science? In this case, you can take out our service agreement as an alternative to membership from the point in time at which you are awarded your PhD.

If you would like to conclude a service agreement please fill the form.

Service Agreement