Legal and career advice

Are you about to take the next step in your academic career?
Do you want to know how to successfully conduct appointment negotiations?
The German Association of University Professors and Lecturers (DHV) is your career guide and will be happy to help you.

What you can expect from us:

  • Legal Advice: We support you in all matters relating to university, salary, pension, secondary employment, medical and employment law. Our free advice also extends to negotiation strategies and tactical recommendations for special negotiation situations in appointment procedures. We advise on around two thirds of appointment negotiations at German universities. Our expertise is your advantage in important career steps.
  • Coaching: In addition to free legal advice, we offer you coaching for appointment negotiations tailored to your individual needs. This gives you the security of being well prepared for the decisive discussions.

We attach particular importance to supporting academics in the early stages of their careers. So please get in touch if you have any questions about planning your academic career. Scientists at the beginning of their academic career benefit from reduced DHV membership fees.

Your way to the DHV legal advice
- 1. Received an invitiation? Congratulations! Contact the DHV as soon as possible to discuss and optimize your upcoming appointment negotiations.
- 2.  contact us: Whether you are considering an appointment as a civil servant, an employee or at a university hospital, we have the right consultant for you.
- 3. quick help: You will receive a comprehensive dossier with the most important information before your telephone consultation appointment.
- 4. the consultation appointment: Discuss with your DHV advisor the options for salary and equipment and discuss together whether there is a need for additional individual coaching.
- 5. the appointment negotiation: Negotiate confidently and ambitiously with your university and then discuss the further procedure again with your DHV contact person.

As a member, you can simply make an appointment for a consultation by calling 0228 90266-77 or If you are not yet a member, you can apply for membership via the membership application form and receive advice directly.