Who can join the DHV?

According to § 2 paragraph 1 of the articles of association of the DHV every professor (university professor, professor at an academic college, professor at an academy of art and music, supernumerary professor, honorary professor, lecturers with postdoctoral degrees) at a university, academic college or at an academy of art and music in Germany as well as any German professor at a university, academic college or at an academy of art and music abroad can become a member. Any junior professor or person preparing a postdoctoral thesis during his/her qualifying phase according to the meaning of clause 1 can also become a member.

What does membership cost?

The membership fees are graded according to working position at the university.

In order to take the positions into account we request that you inform us of any fee-relevant changes. Otherwise, in accordance with the articles of association, a refund of surplus of fees is not possible.

Annual membership fees: See "Becoming a member".

Can I also join the DHV, if I work outside of the university area?

If you have a postdoctoral degree then membership is possible even with external employment. If this is not the case you can sign a service contract with the DHV, which offers the same services as regular membership.

Can I become a member as a university employee without a postdocotral degree?

If you are working on a postdoctoral thesis or have finished it then there is no obstacle to membership. If this is not the case, you have the possibility of signing a service contract with the DHV, which offers the same services as regular membership

What happens if I go abroad?

Employment abroad has no influence on your membership. After notification of your new address details we will send you the journal "Forschung & Lehre" (Research and Teaching) and all subsequent correspondence to your new address. If applicable only the membership fee will change. At the moment this amounts to Euro 125 a year for members living abroad.

At which point in time is a withdrawal of membership possible?

According to § 2 paragraph 2 of the articles of association of the DHV notices of withdrawal must be made in writing and take effect at the end of a calendar year, if they have arrived at head office by 1st December of that year. Notices of withdrawal that arrive later take effect at the end of the following year.

Can I let my membership rest for a certain period of time?

Unfortunately a resting membership is not possible. Membership must be terminated within the stipulated time limit for the end of the calendar year and has to be once more declared at a later point in time.

Is the membership fee reduced, when I retire?

Reduced subscriptions apply to retired professors. In the old West German states a professor emeritus and pensionaries pay a yearly subscription fee of 116 Euro. In the newly-formed German states the membership fee for pensionaries amounts to 83 Euro and 62 Euro for pensioned professors.

Is my membership fee tax-deductible?

For members in active service the membership fees are tax-deductible.

Do married couples where both spouses are members get a reduction?

Members, who are married to each other, can apply to the president of the DHV for a reduction of fees. The reduction amounts to 25 percent of the respective fee for each spouse.